Activate your AVAST Security Pro on Mac device

11 Jun

Just brought AVAST antivirus security for your Mac device? Read this document and get the proper step to activate it on your respective device. Well, install or activating the product is usually the same on every device, though Mac has a different operating system, therefore, it has a tad disparity step to activate a product. If this is your first time make sure you have checked your system requirement and then proceed toward the process to install the antivirus product.

The minimum system requirements for Mac system are:-

  • Your device is updated to the latest software
  • Your device should have 512 MB RAM to Higher 1 GB RAM.
  • 256 MB minimum hard disk space
  • The standard screen resolution not less than 1024 x 768 pixels

After making sure these points you can start the process to install the AVAST on your device. To begin the installation, do follow the mentioned steps carefully.

Steps to follow-

  • Get your AVAST Security Pro for your Mac device and setup it by click on the link.
  • When the product is downloaded, tap on AVAST security online.dmg and select AVAST Security Pro.
  • When a wizard screen appears tap on Continue to determine the confirmation.
  • Tap on Continue a button again and then read the term and condition license agreement and continue button again.
  • When a small screen appears tap on Agree to confirm the changes.
  • On the next screen, tap on Continue and then install button.
  • If your Mac supports fingerprints tap your press or enter your administrator password.
  • Then press “Close” and select “Move to Trash” to remove the installer.

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